piatok 29. januára 2016

Magnifiques Les Orres

Bon matin montagnes... aujourd'hui je suis la premier sur la piste... 

Oiu oiu... my french is not good at all :) but I really would like to learn it... it worth it...

It was the best winter experience. (except the never ending journey) Nice start of new year. 6 beautiful sunny days with temperature around 12 degrees on snow in heart of French alps. Imagine...you wake up every single morning and what you see is blue sky, mountains, snow and sun shine. La vie est belle. 

There are lets say 2 Les Orres... lower one in 1650 m and higher one in 1800 m. (we were here) . I was lost maybe more than 3 days with all those routes, slopes, lifts. I did not know to find the right way. It wasn't very crowded. You just rode down to the lift and went directly to lift. 

first line is mine

After all day on snow you deserve a rest in "wellness". Sauna for 7 people what is more often open than closed and more cold than hot. 

Never ever drink and ride? Not there! There was a party with the DJ couple of times exactly on the slope, in one restaurant, apre ski. 

Total feeling: great sport event and refresh
budget: 350,- eur (journey+ accommodation + skipass for 6 days) 

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