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What catch in Malaysia for two and half days?

I could not wait that day. I almost made an Advent calendar and counting down days like a little kid. I went to meet my long-term dream.

As the flight was scheduled immediately after the riots in Brussels it was also quite an interesting sight when we got to the airport. Armored personnel carriers, controls ... flight to Istanbul  went smoothly, waiting at the airport was only about an hour and a half and  9 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur.

What catch in Malaysia for two and a half days?

We landed! Fearful euphoria! Sepang - the place where the airport was located and also the scene of F1 Grand Prix in Malaysia, they usually do at the end of March, but as if on purpose this year will not take place in March. Never mind. I booked taxi. From the airport to the accommodation, (beautiful), it was about 60 km. Taxi (whole car) costs $ 19. Taxi driver was great guy, so I made a reservation also on my way back. So nice, educated and polite person, that my jaw dropped to the floor and I did not understand if I was still on the planet. During that half-hour journey, I knew of Kuala Lumpur and the Southeast Asia more than what I know about Europe. Just kidding but it was really educational tour.

I came to my accommodation. Wow. Nice room, clean, but the greatest experience was the pool on the 37 floor overlooking the entire capital. Petronas, Menara, business centers, high-rise buildings ... amazing view especially at night. Now my steps leading into the city to enjoy something new.

1. Kampung Baru

The greatest gastronomic experience I experienced in literally Food Village Kampung Baru where they were a small restaurant with Asian cuisine. Extra tasty, super cheap, super hot and also not the cleanest but really my taste buds got the greatest gift. Certainly this food heaven has to be tested.

2. Petronas, Menara

I managed to look city- Petronas towers, ran up on-Menara TV tower, I was to look at Batu Caves and taste local delights. I think I managed landmarks. Next time they directed my steps so I will go there definitely visit Langkawi.

The taxi driver showed us the place which symbolizes the independence of Malaysia from the domination of Britain, what happened in 1963.

Kuala Lumpur literally means muddy estuary. The dominant feature is definitely Pertonas towers, which rises to a height of 452 meters. Between them is the Skybridge. Get on the tower is not easy. Not open for tours.
Menara- TV tower. Although the Petronas Towers are taller, the 421m Menara KL, rising from the crest of Bukit Nanas, offers the best city views. The bulb at the top contains a revolving restaurant, an interior observation deck at 276m and, most thrilling of all, an open deck at 300m.

Surrounded by a pocket of primary rain forest, this lofty spire is the world's fourth-highest telecommunications tower. 

3. Batu Caves

Although Islam is the predominant religion is not the only one. Perhaps you admire Chinese and Hindu temples. I  visited  Batu Caves. The visit is undoubtedly impressive experience. Many colors, statues, altars ..

I caught on  time moving city rail. The first thing I see is the 272 stairs and a huge statue of the Hindu god Murugan and limestone cliffs with the caves. Beauty. Climb up to the Hindu temple is accompanied by monkeys and you have to cover all your naked spaces on your body. no naked shoulders, no short skirt. I was worn in headscarves. You can go for the blessing, nicely take off your shoes and enter the temple. I thought it was awfully strange, hundreds of tourists, domestic and therein really praying monks handed out blessings and we are all looked at them and took pictures.


4. Riding city

Very nice experience happened with a taxi driver who was twice stopped short when I walked down the road and obviously looked lost. I was alerted to the fact that I did not sit into blue taxis because they are unreasonably expensive. This one was blue. He stopped asking if I need a taxi. "No sir, thank you! - was the answer. I went further up the road, at the end of which was the petrol station where Mr. taxi driver tanked. Again, his gaze directed at me, and asked if I really do not need to take that he already finished, refuel and take me wherever I need to go free of charge. Goosebumps everywhere, WAW there are good people in the world definitely. I did not understand. So I sat down. Again, nice man. He spoke a lot and pleasantly about food and fruits. He went to the local fresh market and talking while driving basic info about traditional fruits. I never knew about Durian before and its specific aroma, respectively stink. It looks like a hedgehog, or our chestnut. Green prickly, Needless. Do not smell it,  just taste it. I confess I did not taste it  I was afraid. Maybe next time. But coconuts, pitahaya, rambutan, mangosteen and other  I have enjoyed. Delicious...

Heading to KLIA2 airport and explore more from Asia - PHUKET

Total feeling: WAW !!! in love
Budget: 350,- eur (flight + accommodation)

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