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Phuket first timer :)

......story continues....

I am Phuket first timer and I do not know if i will come back sometime. I think there are a lot of other nice and nicer places in Asia what I have to visit. ...VENI, VIDI, VICI :)) 

1. Patong
Super experience. Flight from KLIA 2 to Phuket took about one hour. Great..until I came to arrival hall of the airport. Uff ... WC - hell, a lot of people everywhere, very hot, poor transport organization ... but I gave it. I set the minibus and headed towards Patong. Exactly what I did not want, but everyone talked about it that I have to try it so I spent three days there. The sea in which lurked cutting plankton, a lot of people, streets, dirt, poisonous masseuses and taxi drivers ... but I found a few places that was worth it.

2. Paradise beach
Paradise beach is about three kilometers from the town. Private beach for 500 Bath with a welcome drink. It looked quiet and clean. Beautiful sea and view ... it was worth it to spend a couple of hours doing nothing.

3.Street market
Fresh street Market- Malin Patong Beach. Waw waw waw. Great place with a great variety of food, as well as souvenirs and clothing. The highlight of this market is that it is  filled with impressive stands that serve as kitchens literally to Thai chefs. Right in front of you they make a dish from fresh ingredients for a few crowns. 90 Bath for great Tom Kha Gai or tom yum, rice noodles with shrimp, crocodile meat, fruit from all around the world ... you have a full tummy for less than five euros.

4. Panwa Cape
I am moving to the south area of ​​Cape Panwa and Ao Yon bay. Paradise on the earth. Amazing accommodation. House on a nearly private beach. Beautiful sea and the beach. You fall asleep with the noise of the sea and morning wake up with this sound as well. I rented a scooter from which I fell down 2x ... yes ... yes, happens once, but twice it can be considered as mystery. Not at all, I would fell a third time but there was not a single side of my body which would not be damaged.
This place was really charming, not crowded, no people...only sound of the sea and nature. Everything that is more inhabited was only achievable on a scooter.
In the village I bought 2 trips, it costs about 60 euros per person. Day trip to Phi Phi island and Khai island with transfers, lunch, fruit ... a half-day trip to the Great Buddha, Chalong Temple and the Elephant. I found a little restaurant with Thai cuisine in this my little bay. 

my house with stunning view and fishermen boats

sunset with Big Budha
I believe in toes in the sand grounding my soul...

good morning sunshine

my favorite coconut drink
5. Chalong Temple
Thailand is considered to be the land of Buddhist temples. One of them, Wat Chalong, built in the 19th century is the most beautiful, largest and most visited on the island. The temple is still actively used by monks and so from time to time can be witnessed by tourists of various Buddhist ceremonies. The place is soaked with spiritual atmosphere that occasionally interrupt explosions of banger like construction brick oven. This ritual is a form of surrender thanks for the wishes fulfilled. The temple has strict "dress code" without shoes and man must have covered shoulders, chest and legs. So again, I got scarves over the whole body.

6. Big Budhha
Majestically towering marble statue on a hill can be seen from any southern part of the island. Not only directly at the statue, but also the way up you can expect breathtaking views. Monument was built in 2004 and its construction was financed mostly by donations. Near Buddha in progress "trade with fortune", where you can buy for a symbolic sum various talismans - lucky coins, holy bracelets, bells. Construction was still not completed.

with Saturday Budha

7. Elephant - up hill and Adventure

Firstly I was happy, but then I feel sorry for those elephants with chains.

8. Phi Phi Islands

Around 8:00 am I come to minibus what took me to the harbor where were anchored speed boat. 100000 Chinese and Koreans, many ships ... I do not know how much we were in that boat but I know that we were there for about five Europeans.. We came to Phi Phi Don, where the ship stopped. We jumped from it to the the clear water and we had 10 minutes for us to swim because the level of the sea slowly fell.

Then we sailed around Monkey Beach, where there were monkeys on the beach, also we were able to dive and snorkel and saw many colorful fish. 
My coveted place "must see" was Maya Bay. Place where the movie Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. The reality was a little different than I expected, but I counted with it. Crowded with tourists.

Maya bay

Selfie Stick everywhere and making selfes with Longtail Boat. My shoulders already burned, arms and legs also....100% sunstroke but we went further.

9. Koh Khai
Beautiful Island, beautiful beach, good food, chill... The tiny island is comparable to the size of a football field, which is on one side of the rocky coast and beads, but on the beautiful white beach. It located about 30 minutes from the east coast of Phuket. In the center was a space with tables and chairs where you can have a lunch.

Awful heat and exhaustion from the sun and dozens of Chinese. 

After those trip I have only one day left so I did nothing at all...i was scared of riding scooter. 

Again something incredible happen... Flight was from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur and than I had to wait one hour for flight to Istanbul by Turkish airlines and from Istanbul to Budapest....but....
Flight was canceled

I was like... i will stay here forever...i was not angry or nervous. Firstly it was fun to look at all frightened faces. "your flight number ...bla bla bla... will be delayed due to technical reasons." ...then in 4 hours later... "your flight is canceled, please go to hotel.... most people went to hotel but there were couple of people from Czech republic, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia who were impatient. After 8 hours of hustle I "fought out" new ticket. It was little bit changed. I flew with Emirates via Dubai to Vienna. 

everything bad comes with something good :)

total feeling: amazing
budget: 210,-eur (return ticket to KLIA, accommodation for 8 nights and trips to islands) 

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