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City full of statues - Skopje

Macedonia´s Skopje has never been so close as now. They call it also the city of contrasts. You can feel here orient but also the modern vision. Some people call Skopje as "city of fake" 
Sculptures are everywhere.

Cyril and Method

The territory belonged to the Byzantine Empire and here was born the famous Byzantine Emperor Justinian I.

wall street??? :)

Kale fortress

Skopje itself is not so energized as London and has not much glory as Paris, but who will give a chance to this city, it will not disappoint.  Perhaps no European capital does not pass such a massive rebuilding and construction as the center of Skopje. Either way, everyone will make their own opinion.

Macedonians raised in capital Skopje monumental equestrian statue of Alexander the Great. Locals did not hide their tears of happiness, while the leaders of the European Union on this  matter look with skepticism. Athens, which have complicated relations with Skopje, consider this step of its neighbor as a provocation and attempt to usurp the Greek history.
Alexander The Great

Skopje is divided into several worlds. Caršija- old quarter, a modern city with cafes and promenade and then apartments houses forming a vibrant but ramshackle settlement. Right here between high, shabby resident buildings suddenly appeared wonderful, colorful markets. 
The capital flows on the river Vardar, which is also the biggest Macedonian river. Who wants to walk into the old town, it is just to get to the river, and it leads him there.  
What i could not miss is Mother Teresa house. She was born in Skopje and here was built a Memorial house with the statue.
Memorial House of Mother Teresa

Statue of Mother Teresa

inside the house

Love begins at home, by taking care of the closest one- the one at home.... MT

praying for better world
Macedonia has a BEAutiful nature as well. I visited Canyon Matka. 
The Matka canyon is vertically cut into the massive of Suva Mountain. The different formations in the canyon like flutes, valleys, cracks, crevices and caves have been formed by a long term impact of the mountain rivers, as well as by great temperature oscillations. 

In the surroundings of the Canyon you can find dozens of caves. The caves are filled with numerous stalagmites, stalactites. Visiting tours are organized by an official guide on small boats. 

Lake Matka

Lake Matka giving the visitor a spectacular view of the lake and its surroundings. 

Total feeling: statuesque :)
Budget: 60,- eur (flight + accommodation)  

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