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Scandinavia for weekend

To be honest, I did not have much of a plan, nor profound knowledge prior about Malmö. I booked a flight from Budapest and flat via Airbnb. Landlord was amazing, helpful. 
Malmo is great escape to cultural centre with many different cultures, it is blessed with relatively mild weather. Formerly port and industrial city. It is tailored to bikes with proper cycle roads and designing a walking trail covering parts of the old city, the city’s park and canal system as well as the modern harbor district.
Central Station in Malmo

Dominant of the city is the one what features lots of new flats as well as the so-called “Turning Torso“, a masterpiece of architectural ingenuity and clearly worth seeing. 

Whole place is designed as a residential area with a long sunny promenade that overlooks the Oresund bridge and Copenhagen. The promenade is packed with bars and restaurants and it’s one of the favorite spots where people hang out when the weather is nice.
By the time I got to the Turning Torso I changed opinion about the city size. Most likely as because it was already late afternoon and we had no food till that moment and my iphone said I did like 21 000 steps. There were a lot of interesting buildings, piece of art, sculpture and other work of art on the way thought the city. ...

center of Malmo

I mentioned Oresund bridge...this bridge is connection of two states Sweden and Denmark and it is very close so why do not make a trip to Copenhagen? By bus it took like 40 minutes.

Oresund Bridge- way to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a bustling modern city with the buzz of bicycles flooding the streets and its numerous squares are always filled with people. While the city can be thrilling you may want to escape to a more laid-back and relaxing atmosphere.
Bicycles everywhere

Copenhagen for one day was quite enough for me. I made it by foot despite there were a lot of bikes on every corner. My target was to see little mermaid. There was a wifi in central station so map has to be downloaded because it was not so easy to find it.

Until we get to the main goal of the trip we found a lot of nice corners of Copenhagen.

Den lille Havfrue- Little mermaid

Amusement park- Tivoli

Hans Christian Andersen

Discobolus in botanic garden

Rosenborg garden

Total feeling: nice weekend getaway
Budget: 120,- eur (flight from Budapest with transfer and parking costs + accommodation and bus to Copenhagen) 

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