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Germany- Berlin

You are not able to see everything from the capital of Germany in almost one day. (27-29.02.2016) I didn't miss the highligts of Berlin.

The biggest concrete column in the center, located at the Alexanderplatz- Berliner television tower.

When you're in the center of Berlin, you cannot miss it- Berliner Fernsehturm (the Berlin TV Tower), with its silver sphere on a slim concrete column and the red-and-white antenna on top. Tower is situated at major transportation point called Alexanderplatz. Right under the tower is Starbucks. It is quite same like Vienna's tower. I mean, the shape. The height is 368 meters, which makes it Germany's tallest building. Entrance space and tourist information surround the tower. You can buy suouveniers downstairs, there is also lobby bar and person who take a picture of you with the tower in the background.

Premium guests go first :) there are two lines: standard and premium. 

Visit the TV tower and enjoy a 360′ view of Berlin. Two elevators are for visitors with transparent roof. Elevator takes you up in 40 seconds. The observation deck together with the bar is on 204 meters. There is no outside platform. Above the observation deck is the upscale "Restaurant Sphere". The restaurant is rotating, so while you have a dinner or cake at a table you will see a lot of Berlin without even moving. Ticket costs normally 19,50,-eur.

Tower from 1969 with the soul of 69'. 

The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin and the reunited Germany as well. The six columned gate with the quadriga (a chariot drawn by four horses abreast) on top is situated at the "Pariser Platz" in the center of Berlin. The Reichstag is close and the avenue "Unter den Linden" connects the Brandenburg Gate with the site where the Berlin Castle is being reconstructed. The Brandenburg Gate is near the big park called the Tiergarten, as well as in walking distance to the Holocaust Memorial and straight a head Siegesalle- Victory column. It was built in 1873 as a monument of "Wars of German Unification" (Danish-German war, the Austro-Prussian War and the Franco-Prussian War).

Checkpoint Charlie is probably the most well-known former border crossing between former East and West Berlin dividing the Soviet sector from the American sector. You can see it also in many historical and spy movies. (The Man from U.N.C.L.E) It is located on Friedrichstrasse and next to Kochstrasse. Checkpoint Charlie or Checkpoint C was one of three crossings that the Americans were using and was named after the letter C of the international alphabet. Yes, Checkpoint Alpha in Lower Saxony and Checkpoint Bravo - an autobahn, did exist as well. Checkpoint C is a popular tourist sight in Berlin. It is very touristy. You can get your photo taken with the two border police men. (not for free) I really felt a breath of history with a sprinkle of danger.

The Berlin Wall, even after its fall, is strongly associated with this city. The Wall exists today both as physical remains as well as within the minds of Berliners and Germans and is an ever reminder of the wild past. In just one day on Aug 13, 1961, the East German government (GDR) put up a barrier ring around West Berlin, but its creation was a culmination of events going back even before WW2. The result, a divided city, a divided nation, a divided world view.

Postdamer platz- I have lost. ...I came up from the S-bahn and I suddenly saw some "new Berlin" . I also visited some beerbars. The interested one was Eat or Die where you have a pumps on your table and you can just sit and have your fresh draft beer and order some burgers. 

Berlin is nice also in night and also during the day. Night view and Day view from the Television tower was amazing.

From Schoenfeld airport to the hotel at the Alexenderplatz where I stayed was only 30 minutes by train. Berlins' public transport is quite challenging :) but you can handle it.

I did not see any refugees, any strike, threat... perhaps more police men at one place (but it was maybe because of the station and the well know place) ...anyway we had a wonderfull weekend.

Total feeling: the same feeling like I have when I am in Prague... and I really love Prague.

Budget: 85,-eur (flight+ accomodation)

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