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In the footsteps of Dracula

My another travel dream was to see "Dracula´s castle" by Bram Stroker Dracula and anything what is connected to this myth. I know that this castle is not real Dracula ´s castle because the real one is called Poenari. Today there are only ruins. I hope i will come back to Tranyslvania one day for a longer time because it is really nice country and nature.

Romania is one of the youngest members of the European Union. Nevertheless, it remains largely unknown to many and still there are various prejudices. 

Flight from Budapest to Transilvania airport near Targu Mures took about one hour. (sometime you see Transylvania written with "y" sometime with "i" and i am still wondering why) 
We caught a shuttle bus what took us directly to our apartment for 1,20,- euro. I just asked if he can tell me where is the street what I was looking for and the driver took me there. Targu Mures means market on the river Mures. Ordinary city, not so exciting. Most of the people are Hungarian- speaking. There are few nice buildings. Old city hall, Cultural palace, Roses square with nice orthodox church. What i found interesting is that in mostly every town I have visited was a statue of the capitoline wolf. 

Roses square

She wolf

Do you know bla bla car, the Europe greatest application for sharing a ride? I use it in Slovakia and Czech republic and I tried it in Romania. 
I wanted to go to Sighisoara. 

Romantic ancient city of Sighisoara is perched on a rocky defense wall. City  literally blew my mind. It is very attractive, small, ancient, mystical, colorful. Big surprise for me.  As soon as you walk underneath the tower to the city you are suddenly transferred to the past.

The city center is included in the list of UNESCO. There is also the only clock in Romania "clock tower" Citadela. 


Near the clock tower in the house Strada Cositorarilor no. 9, wherein It is now a restaurant, is the birthplace of Vlad III. Dracula.

Casa Dracula, birthplace of Vlad Tepeš

Dracula was born in 1431 and lived here with his father until 1435 when they moved to Targoviste. You can see a wrought-iron dragon hangs above the entrance. The ground floor of the house serves as a restaurant, while the first floor is home to the Museum of Weapons.
statue of Vlad Tepes in Sighisoara

Tracking Dracula continues to Brašov, because this city is close to Bran castle "Dracula´s castle". Brašov is one of the most visited and largest Romanian city. It is nestled in the beautiful Transylvanian Alps. Its historic center around the square has an amazing atmosphere. There is situated the Black Church, the largest Gothic church in Central and Eastern Europe.

At the top of the mountain Mount Tampa, which gives the town a beautiful background, you can climb or take a cable. We climbed despite the fact that everywhere were caution signs "beware of bears" . Can you imagine how I felt? Rather do not. ...but...feeling up there was unbelievable amazing and beautiful view. 

As you can see at the first picture, mount Tampa has a "Hollywood sign"  Brašov. It is possible to go close to those letters and I wanted to be different and to wave from the "tummy" of letter I did.

Now is the last day and our first goal was to visit the city and mainly Bran "Dracula" Castle. Although it was never proven that Vlad Tepes ever lived there.  Reportedly he spent here only one day. 
I must confess that my first feeling was little disappointment.
When I was reading about Transylvania and about Dracula and surroundings, nature, mountains... i created my own profile of this castle and nature around. I thought that castle is interposed among mountains covered by creepy fog. Reality is that village Bran is quite crowded and you have to go thought the tradition market to the entrance of the castle. Castle is next to main street. The inside of the castle consists of narrow stairs, small rooms and narrow corridors, balconies...

Basically, in the castle itself there is not much to watch.  The Bran Castle is tourist attraction thanks to the novel by Bram Stocker.
To pass my disappointment, I wanted to create a new image of where the castle is located. I climbed the mountain what is opposite, ( called Magura) from which was the right breathtaking view that I have almost imagined before. 

Romania is unique country. I hope i will come back soon because there is beautiful nature what can be explored like Fagaras mountains or seven ladders canyon. 

Total feeling: ancient
Budget: 100,-Eur (flight+accommodation + transport and parking at Budapest airport) 

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