nedeľa 18. decembra 2016

why TRAVEL should be the best New Year´s resolution?

This year you are really doing it. Admit it- we have all made New Year´s resolutions before. The plan-making part is easy but plan-sticking part is more harder. 
But somehow, the turn in the calendar gives us new power, energy and ambitions. We regroup, reboot and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
But suddenly ..things get busy, you are tired of meeting people, no budget, no more power, no motivation...we make more and more excuses
What if.... there was a way to avoid all this planning? To skip the gradual slide into disappointment and get straight to the good stuff? 
There is and it is really very easy... go TRAVELLING!!!! It will mark off all your new year´s resolutions and it is entertaining and educational.

Try something you would not do at home, treat yourself, become a better global citizen, get in touch with nature, take a mini vacation- weekend getaway, check another city, country or continent...
World is full of new adventures and BEAutiful spots to see and to be explored. 

What is your travel plan for year 2017? 

When I started to create my travel list for year 2016, i really did not believe that i can fulfill it, but most of the countries i wrote there I also visited. 

January 2016-   France- Les Ores

February 2016- Germany- Berlin

March 2016-  Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur

                    Thailand- Phuket

April 2016- France- Paris

                 Spain- Bacelona

May 2016-  UAE- Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Jun 2016-   Macedonia- Skopje

Jul and August 2016- Czech republic, Slovakia

September 2016- Sweden- Malmo

                         Denmark- Coppenhagen

October 2016-    Romania- Targu Mures, Shigishoara, Brasov, Bran

November 2016- Israel- Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

                         Palestine- Jericho, Bethlehem

December 2016- Serbia- central Serbia, Niš

                         Kosovo- at boundary :D 

I missed few destinations. I bought ticket to USA but finally i did not go because of work engagement. And I wanted to go to Island and Marroco but I postpone it to new year :) 
In January I already bought ticket to Georgia. March or April are BOOKED for Asia adventure (i do not now exactly where but prefer to go to Bali, Singapore, Cambodia) than i would like to visit Marroco, Jordan , Portugal, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Island (or Finland) ... so we will see if new year give me opportunity and constellation of stars will be in my favor. :)

Enjoy the last days of year 2016 and Happy New Year


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